Trendy Engagement Ring Platter with Unique Designs

Engagement Ring Platter

An important wedding accessory, the engagement ring platter is something you cannot miss. A perfect platter should be beautiful, unique and attention-grabbing in order to add grace to the occasion. As couples join hands and pledge to remain together, smiles, laughter, good wishes, and blessings pour in. Adding a touch of sparkle to the atmosphere is crucial! Eye-catching ring platters can elevate the precious ring exchange ceremony. Here are distinctive designs of engagement ring platters that will leave you wanting more, each capable of making the event unforgettable.

Rectangle Wedding Engagement Ring Platter

This design is crafted to enhance the significance of the engagement moment even further. It is an elegantly designed platter crafted with care and attention to detail. The rectangular shape of the platter and striking steel grey colour create a modern and sophisticated look. The soft, pastel peach and pink blooms with leafy accents create an ideal floral arrangement to showcase an engagement ring. The exquisite dual-heart design intertwined on the outer edge of the tray adds a luxurious touch. Inside, the plush pearly white beaded cushion securely displays the ring.

Ocean-Themed Ring Platter

True love is immeasurable, much like the ocean. What better way to symbolise this than with an ocean-themed engagement ring platter? Couples enamoured with water will be captivated by this unique ocean-themed presentation. It is guaranteed to evoke smiles and enhance any destination wedding by the water or a similarly themed ceremony. The platter features miniature ocean-themed decorations like seashells, starfish, corals, a touch of sand, and pebbles, all adding an ornate touch. The hint of blue lends a regal elegance to the occasion, making it even more majestic and eye-catching.

Pinewood Multi-Colour Engagement Ring Tray

This wedding platter features a regal peacock design and is sure to boost spirit at the ceremony due to its distinct visual elements. The peacock is placed at the centre of the presentation and the pinewood base adds a touch of class and simplicity that perfectly complements the look. Beauty and royalty blend seamlessly with the addition of vibrant peacock feathers, adding another layer of exotic appeal to the ring platter. With attractive flowers, beads and exquisite detailing, this is a platter that most couples would like to treasure as a keepsake. This one-of-a-kind platter can help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ring Platter with Bride and Groom Figurines

As romantic as it gets, this ring platter features small figurines of the groom and bride in wedding attire, symbolising the commitment and love of the couple about to exchange vows. These figurines can be customised to resemble the real couple, adding a deeply personal touch to the presentation and the entire event. After the wedding, couples may cherish this platter in their home as a sweet reminder of their special day and enduring relationship. You can’t go wrong with this choice for your wedding!

Engagement Ring Platter with Hashtags and Name

For a wedding couple that wants to create the most Instagram-worthy wedding, why not incorporate cute hashtags with the engagement ring platter? The ring platter that features metallic monogrammed hashtags displaying the couple’s name and the touch of exquisite carnations, foils and small crystals is a delight for the eyes. This loaded ring platter is sure to grab all the attention at any wedding ceremony. You can even include digitally-themed ideas into this picture-perfect platter. Social media buffs can even add a QR code link to the platter that connects guests with a myriad of the couple’s memories that will endure long after the ceremony ends. This is also a great way to share the details of your wedding with those who couldn’t make it.

Floral Mini Carriage Ring Platter

Many of us envision our wedding as a fairy tale. Carriages evoke images of memorable gatherings and princes and princesses, making them a fitting addition to wedding ring platter concepts. Imagine a small floral carriage adorned with bright flowers, imparting a joyful atmosphere to the occasion. This innovative idea symbolises the couple’s journey toward their future together. It serves as a beautiful reminder of their preparation to embark on a new phase of life as one. Customisable add-ons can further personalise this enchanting concept.

Floral- Tiered Ring Platters

This engagement ring platter is sure to stand out with its different floral arrangements exquisitely arranged in the varied tiers. Each tier of the platter is meant to represent its own individual theme while also connecting thematically with the rest. Opt for soft, pastel colours when selecting blooms and decor. Lavender, peach, dusty pink, icy blue, and pearly white are currently trending as popular colour choices in the wedding scene. Whether it is roses, peonies, lilies, orchids – the goal should be to create a stunning romantic backdrop for the wedding rings.

Miniature Ceremony Stage Ring Platter

This concept is gaining wide popularity. The platter is designed to look like a small theatre stage and accentuate the ceremony with its unique beauty and charm. Enhance the tray with lights, curtains, and other stunning decorative pieces that can adorn it, transforming it into a miniature version of your beautifully decorated engagement or wedding venue. The tray should look like a luxurious venue for the wedding in its own right, with the rings taking centre stage with placement on a pedestal. This wedding ring platter is designed to make the ceremony grander and more spectacular!

Get the Best Ring Platter for Engagement

With a vast array of engagement ring platters available online, choosing one that suits your taste shouldn’t be too challenging, right? If you want the best with mind-blowing themes, decor ideas and attention to detail trending designs, check out the excellent options at Craft Connect Studio. We are a one-stop resource for conveniently choosing and customising a ring platter as your heart wants. Just pour in your inputs, requirements and budget, and we will leave you spoilt for choices. It’s a promise!

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