Order policy

1. If customer increases the quantity value from the original figure and later refuses to accept the increased quantity , variation of upto 5 pieces is acceptable and not beyond that. Eg: 125 pcs order given and later increased to 150. However customer informs that they are willing to take only 140, then they have an obligation to take minimum 145 pieces and not below.

2. Company reserves the right to accept or cancel any order.

3. All designs uploaded are subject to availability. Customer should confirm before processing the order.

4. Customer will be provided with a soft copy of the finalized design at the time of order to ensure no variations later.

5. Customer will be informed in advance if there is an anticipated delay in order because of weather conditions, transportation issues, machinery breakdown or any other unprecedented or unforeseen delay.

6. An order checklist will be maintained and updated through the completion of order to maintain transparency.

7. On no occasion the dispatched quantity value should exceed the advance paid. In that case, customer has to pay further advance to maintain the 60% advance policy and our sales team will notify before every dispatch if order is picked in instalments.

8. Décor of the final hamper shown at the time of order may vary marginally depending upon the availability of décor products. The variation may be in terms of flowers, frills, threads, etc and other décor options. If variation is beyond customer’s satisfaction then the situation will be settled in mutual agreement agreeable to both customer and seller. However, no refund is applicable for the same.