The moment when you put a varmala over your spouse’s head and make them yours is a moment to be cherished forever. This symbolic union of your souls is a beautiful tradition seen in almost all weddings across India. Varmala’s are traditionally made using fresh flowers but, these flowers wilt. They can’t be preserved and ultimately have to be discarded. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could keep your wedding varmala with you… With Craft connect Studio, you can! 

Buy Varmala for Wedding Online at affordable Price with Great Quality

The exchange of wedding varmalas is one of the first parts of a wedding ceremony. At Craft Connect Studio, we offer a wide range of varmalas crafted from faux flowers. There’s no fear of having the flowers look droopy and you’re assured beautiful photographs of the event. Our range of varmala for wedding online includes designs in many vibrant colours to match the theme of your outfit and wedding décor. What’s more, our wedding varmala prices are budget-friendly too! 

Why Should You Purchase Wedding Varmala From

When it comes to buying a varmala for wedding online, you don’t need to go anywhere but Craft Connect Studio. Firstly, we offer a wide variety of wedding varmalas made from premium faux flowers. These varmalas will look great in your wedding photographs and can be preserved for a lifetime! Our wedding varmala prices are affordable and can easily fit into your wedding budget. They’re so durable you could even start a family tradition of exchanging varmalas at every anniversary to remind yourself of your wedding vows!

List of Wedding Varmala Available at

Craft Connect Studio has a number of varmalas in varied designs and colours. If you’re looking for something very traditional, take a look at our wedding varmala with red and white roses. We also have traditional wedding varmalas in shades of pink or a combination of peach and white flowers. If you want a more bejeweled look, take a look at our range of varmala for wedding online with ornate Kundan-styled pendants. All our wedding varmalas have a string of large artificial pearls at the back to make them easy to wear. 

Things Should You Keep in Mind While Purchasing Varmala

A varmala is a critical part of your wedding. One of the first things you need to ensure is that it complements the colour of your outfit. A red varmala may not stand out as much on a red lehenga as a red and white one. Fresh flowers have a tendency to wilt with time. This makes varmalas made from faux flowers a much better choice. Not only will they look good in photographs, you can preserve them for years! You also need to consider the wedding varmala price. At Craft Connect Studio, you can buy a beautiful varmala for wedding online at affordable prices! 

Benefits of Buying Varmala for Wedding Online From Us

Craft Connect Studio has helped many couples get the perfect wedding varmala. Shopping online for your varmala with us gives you one less reason to go to the market in the chaotic days preceding the wedding. Since these varmalas are made from faux flowers, you can place your order weeks in advance and have the varmala delivered home well in time for your wedding. The wide range of designs ensures that you find the perfect varmala that complements your wedding theme. What’s more, our affordable wedding varmala prices help you get a fabulous look while staying within your budget. 

Where Can I Get Wedding Varmala at Best Price? We Are Always Here!

There’s no question about it – when it comes to buying a varmala for wedding online, Craft Connect Studio is the best choice. Only here will you find so many wedding varmalas in varied colours and styles. Along with traditional varmalas, we offer a range of varmalas with beautiful Kundan-styled pendants that project a more regal look. Don’t let the richness of these designs make you worry, they’re priced at affordable rates. With assured doorstep delivery, Craft Connect Studio makes the entire process of buying a wedding varmala easy and convenient. 

Click on Add to Cart Now and Get Your Favorite Wedding Varmala Now!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and everything about it must be perfect! At Craft Connect Studio we understand the importance this day holds for you and your partner. Each varmala is crafted with minute attention to detail and the highest quality faux flowers to ensure that it looks beautiful on your wedding day. Browse through our range of varmala designs today, place your order and in just a few days, it’ll be delivered to your doorstep! 

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