8 Trending Varmala Designs for Weddings

wedding varmala

The wedding varmala, or jaimala, holds immense significance in the ceremony. This traditional exchange of garlands symbolises a bond of love, unity, commitment, and acceptance between the bride and groom.

Planning your wedding can be both overwhelming and thrilling. Amidst all the details to finalise, the design of your varmala can often be overlooked. However, the truth is that the perfect varmala design can significantly enhance your appearance on the big day.

Usually, couples carefully consider various factors before settling on a varmala design. These considerations may include:

  • The design must complement the bride and groom’s attire
  • The varmala should be of the appropriate length and weight
  • The garland should match the theme of the wedding
  • The flowers that are in season at the time of the wedding
  • The varmala should enhance the visual appeal of the ceremony and the resulting photographs

Read on to discover some of the best wedding varmala designs.

Decoding the Wedding Varmala Designs

Given the numerous designs and options available today, you can be creative when selecting your wedding varmala. Let’s explore the most captivating and trendy designs available for wedding garlands.

1. Royal Rose Varmalas

We’re all familiar with the deep association of roses with love, making them a timeless choice for wedding garlands. What could be a more perfect varmala option than a classic garland of stunning red roses? The versatility of roses allows for experimentation with various colours and combinations. Imagine a varmala of red roses paired with elegant white tuberoses, or perhaps a blend of white and pink roses for a delightful contrast.

2. Blissful Carnation Varmalas

Step up your wedding game by opting for a unique carnation varmala. Available in breath-taking hues, carnations add a cheerful touch and wonderfully complement your heavy wedding clothes. You can try a combination of white and pastel pink carnations if you are planning an outdoor or daytime wedding. Alternatively, if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, a wedding varmala made entirely of white carnations can make a striking statement.

3. Bejeweled Varmalas

Jazz it up a bit with a bejewelled varmala adorned with stunning crystals, gemstones, danglers, mirror work, or pearls! A highly popular choice, these varmalas not only exude luxury but also enhance the glamour of your wedding. If you wish to infuse a royal essence into your jaimala exchange, bejewelled varmalas can be an excellent option. Craft Connect Studio has several beautiful designs in this category.

4. Blooming Orchid Varmala

Set an unconventional trend by opting for an orchid wedding varmala. Orchids add a contemporary and exotic aesthetic to wedding ceremonies. Moreover, orchids’ long-lasting quality ensures that your varmala stays fresh throughout all the ceremonies. Consider adding orchids to your winter wedding for a touch of charm. Orchids come in various colours, allowing you to choose one that complements your wedding attire. You may also include some greenery along with the orchids to achieve a more striking effect.

5. Traditional Lotus Varmala

Enhance the elegance of your jaimala moment with a stunning varmala crafted from exquisite lotus flowers. Across various cultures, the lotus symbolises purity and sacredness, making it a perfect choice for a wedding celebration. A delicate pink lotus varmala can add the perfect charm to your wedding outfit. Consider opting for the inverted lotus varmala design, as it is currently on-trend, especially if you intend to wear pastels for your special occasion.

6. Eco-friendly Varmala

Are you and your partner mindful of your environmental impact? Consider opting for an eco-friendly varmala. Express your unique style by opting for biodegradable materials such as birdseed, dried herbs, wildflowers, and flower petals. These designs are currently trending and will add an exquisite touch to your look. Furthermore, if you wish to treasure your jaimala moment, these varmalas can effectively make a subtle yet impactful statement.

7. Blissful Jasmine Varmala.

The allure and the rejuvenating scent of jasmine, or mogra, is widely cherished. The flower’s simplicity, refreshing aura, and angelic charm make a monotone mogra wedding varmala a timeless choice for any wedding ceremony. Adding a hint of pastel can enhance its calming appeal, while intertwining green leaves can impart an ethereal touch to your varmalas. Jasmine varmalas not only enhance the beauty of the occasion with their stunning appearance but also envelop the surroundings in a delightful, fragrant aura, enhancing the ceremony’s charm.

8. Chic Seashells Varmala

Wedding varmalas that feature an exotic combination of flowers and seashells are always a striking choice. These garlands feature exquisite designs that are hard to replicate with fragile flowers. These intricately designed garlands can be preserved for many years after your ceremony, making them the perfect memento for the future. These wedding garlands can be an enchanting choice for a beach or destination wedding. Create a sophisticated using uniformly shaped conches, cowries, or clams. Opt for seashells adorned with pearls and flowers, or use dyed shells to complement your wedding attire. These garlands are sure to be a hit!


Amidst the several joyous wedding moments, the varmala exchange stands out as one of the delightful highlights. Now that you know the various new and trending varmala designs, you may elevate your varmala ceremony with unique and memorable choices. Make sure your wedding varmala is aesthetically pleasing and aptly captures the nature of your bond. From stunning floral arrangements to artistic seashell designs, these creations will ensure your jaimala moment is truly unforgettable.

Which varmalas have caught your eye?

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