Unique and Best Return Gift Ideas for Wedding

Return Gift Ideas for Wedding

Weddings are memorable events not only for the bride and groom but for all your friends and family too. Your guests take time out of their busy schedule, ask for a holiday from work, travel from out of state and go out of their way to attend your wedding. Some of your friends may even buy new outfits to suit your wedding theme! Their presence is what makes your wedding special. Giving them a small token of your love in the form of wedding return gifts is a beautiful way of thanking them. Mithai is one of the most popular return gift ideas for weddings. But, if that seems cliché to you, let’s look at a few more return gift ideas for wedding guests.

List of Unique Return Gift Ideas for Wedding

Photoframe Hampers

Weddings are probably one of the most photographed events. Apart from the photographer hired for the occasion, your guests will take plenty of photographs, too! And why not? The venue is beautifully decorated, and you may even have a few photo booths. Your guests have dressed up for the event, too, and are looking their best. This makes a photo frame the ideal gift for guests. You can present it on its own or make it part of return gift hampers for wedding guests.

Dry fruit carriage hampers

The story of Cinderella and her magical carriage is a popular fantasy décor theme for weddings. The story celebrates a love that overcomes all hurdles and lives forever. When you’re choosing return gift ideas for wedding guests, you could take the opportunity to include references to this theme. A beautiful carriage hamper is ideal. You can fill the jar in this hamper with chocolates, dry fruits or sweets. While your guests will enjoy the sweets on their way back from your wedding, the jar and the carriage will be treasured as souvenirs of the event for years to come.

Trunk hampers

Here’s a traditional gift with a modern touch! Dry fruits have always been a popular choice for return gifts. They’re symbolic of wishing the person good health and fortune. Look at different packaging methods to give this traditional gift a more modern touch. A trunk-style hamper is a fun choice. Not only does this look different, but the handle on the trunk allows it to be carried independently. You can customise the trunk exterior with a beautiful print or your wedding monogram.

Decorative jars

No one can ever have enough jars. We’re not talking about standard air-tight jars; we’re talking about decorative jars. These beautiful jars can be used to store a variety of sweet and savoury treats. They can take centerstage at your guest’s coffee table. When it comes to return gift ideas for weddings, you can present a single jar in a hamper or a set of jars. Look for jars in colours that complement your décor theme. Of course, don’t give your guests a set of empty jars; you can fill them with an assortment of dry fruits.

Gourmet hampers

Every meal at a wedding is special. Your guests have probably told you many times over about how much they enjoyed the chat counter and the desserts. Wedding return gifts could be an opportunity to let your guests continue enjoying the experience. A gourmet hamper is a great idea! This allows you to customise a hamper for your guests and give them a truly unique gift. Gourmet hampers are budget-friendly too. You can choose the treats in the hamper depending on your budget. If you know your guests are flying back home, customise your gourmet gift hampers in sturdy boxes that can fit into their luggage.

Ganesha with brass diya

Ganesha is the God of new beginnings, and Indian weddings often begin by invoking his blessings. Share these blessings with your guests in the form of a small Ganesha idol. Pairing it with a diya makes the gift even more special. Once your guests reach home, this token of your love can take its place in their mandir. It’s a gift that will give them happy memories and make them think of you fondly every time they say a prayer.

T-light holders

A t-light may be small, but it can have a significant impact. This makes them very popular as gifts. When it comes to choosing return gifts for your guests, t-lights can be a great idea. A pair of t-lights on a gold finish-edged agate stone is an excellent way to send your guests off. Alternatively, you could include one or more t-light holders in a hamper. You could even look at customising the t-lights with scented wax or your initials on the holder.

Finding the perfect return gift hampers for your wedding

Everything must be perfect for your wedding, including the gift hampers for your guests. There are so many factors that must be considered. The gift must look good and meet high-quality standards while fitting your budget. Do not worry; Craft Connect Studio has just what you need! With a wide variety of return gifts and gift hampers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. An online shopping channel makes the experience convenient, while our ability to customise gift hampers allows you to give each gift a personal touch.


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