Creative Baby Announcement Hampers Ideas

Baby Announcement Hampers Ideas

After months of seeing your baby grow through ultrasound images, you can finally hold the little one in your arms! It’s enough to make any parent shout for joy! Baby announcement hampers are a beautiful way to share this happiness with your extended family and close friends. A curated hamper reflects your love for your baby as well as the people you are sending the hamper to.

Why should you send a hamper to announce your baby’s arrival?

Sending a hamper is a thoughtful way to announce your baby’s arrival. With your new baby taking up most of your time, calling everyone may not be feasible. A hamper allows you to share your news with loved ones in a special way. While your parents and siblings might be able to visit, uncles and aunts might not. Sending a hamper makes them feel included in the celebration and serves as a meaningful keepsake.

Creative Choices for Baby Announcement Hampers

Consumables like chocolates, mithai, dry fruits, cupcakes and muffins are the most popular choices for these gift hampers. It’s a modern rendition of the traditional ‘muh meetha karna’. Of course, you will select the best treats for your hamper, but that isn’t enough. Selecting the best treats is important, but presentation is key to making your hamper memorable. Let’s take a look at a few creative baby announcement hampers ideas.

1. Basket hampers

Giving a basket of chocolates is a delightful way to announce your baby’s arrival to family and friends. Picture a cane basket with a frilly net encasing an assortment of chocolates or other sweet treats. You can pick a neutral pastel shade for the net or go with the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys.

A rope basket is a trendy and creative alternative. These baskets are available in many different colours, some even designed to look like popular cartoon characters. You can choose a basket with or without a lid. These baskets are gifts in themselves as they can be repurposed in many different ways. 

2. Heavenly hampers

Along with the typical chocolates, you can also base your baby announcement hamper around a small religious idol. It’s a token that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

Many people include a small idol of Lord Krishna, who is often seen as a protector for babies, in their announcement hampers. These idols can be made of clay, porcelain, or metal, depending on your budget. You could present it as a Krishna Theme Jar or a basket. For girls, you could also consider an idol of Goddess Lakshmi.

3. Diya hampers

Children spread joy and light in the world. This makes a diya hamper an appropriate way to announce the arrival of your baby. How about a marble platter with a beautiful brass diya and a small Ganesha idol on it? Presented in a beautiful red velvet box, this gift hamper is a welcome addition to any house – just like your baby is to your family.

4. Carousel hampers

Toys may seem childish, but including a small toy gives your hamper a fun touch. While the chocolates and dry fruits may be consumed in a few days, the playful toy can sit on their desk for months to come.

You can put together a hamper with a small stuffed toy or a motorised carousel that can be turned on with a key. Pair this with a jar that can be packed with sweets or dry fruits coated with chocolate. This can be presented on a small tray encased in net so everything stays contained yet visible.

5. Lantern hampers

A lantern is another great way to announce your child’s arrival. You can use a traditional oil lantern or a modern electrical lantern. Either way, it’s a great way to share your light with your loved ones. The oil receptor under the lantern can be temporarily used to house toffees as a sweet treat.  Or, you could add a box of mithai with the lantern. To complete the look, tie a blue or pink ribbon around the lantern with a little card attached to it.

6. Potted plants

Gifting a potted plant is a beautifully symbolic way to announce a new baby in your family. Plants represent new life, new beginnings and growth. As your baby grows up, so will the plant, creating a lasting symbol of this special occasion.

Succulents, ferns and low-maintenance plants like the ZZ plant or peace lilies are good choices. These plants don’t require as much of a green thumb and can thrive in almost any environment. They’re easy to look after. Don’t forget to add a personalised note with the hamper.

7. Box of chocolates

If you’re looking for something simple, a box of chocolates is a great idea. These can be handed over in person or shipped as required. There are a number of beautiful box designs you can choose from. Boxes with built-in trays are perfect for chocolate truffles and mithai. Or, you could choose a taller box and fill it with pouches of dry fruits and other branded snacks.

Part of the beauty of boxed hampers is the ease with which you can customise the packaging. You can choose a plain pastel paper and embellish it with cutouts, stickers and faux flowers or get the paper printed with a custom design. Foil print designs give the boxes a rich, luxurious look.

8. Truck hampers

Welcoming a baby to your life is the beginning of a beautiful journey. A pinewood truck hamper is the ideal symbol of this journey. It’s as thoughtful as it is practical and can be enjoyed for years. Crafted from light pinewood, these hampers have a natural yet warm look with a playful energy.

This truck can be used to hold treats in a baby announcement hamper and later repurposed. It can also be used in the bedroom to keep a tissue box or added to outdoor décor as a carrier for small planters.

9. Dhol hampers

In the olden days, when a child was born, the family took to the streets with a dhol. The dhol wasn’t just for music; it was the way you announced your baby to the rest of the world. Gift hampers are a more modern idea, but they can still have a traditional touch. A dhol hamper is one such idea.

Look for a pastel dholak box instead of the traditional wooden dhol. It won’t make the same music, but you can use it to hold treats. These are hampers that you can hand over in person, and they’re sturdy enough to be sent by post, too.

10. Birdhouse hampers

Babies are like little birds chirping away, and a birdhouse hamper is a delightful way to announce the birth of your baby. It symbolises the cosy, nurturing home you’re making with your baby. When you’re presenting it, the birdhouse can be filled with treats. Later, your loved ones can put the birdhouse up on their terrace. It’s a thoughtful keepsake that makes an impact not only on the people you gift it to but the world around them, too.

Other things to include in baby announcement hampers

We’ve already talked about sweet treats for announcement hampers. In addition to the sweets, you could add a few savoury treats as well to balance the flavours. To take your hampers up a notch, consider personalising them with a little something extra.

A photo frame is a beautiful idea. Not everyone will be able to travel to meet your baby in person. Video calls help, but they’re never the same as having a photograph. So, frame a picture of your baby and include it in the hamper.

You could also add a small stuffed teddy bear to make your hamper cuter. Magnets and little candles are cute ideas, too.

Finding the perfect hamper to announce your baby’s arrival

Having a baby changes your life in every way possible. Though you think you’ve got everything planned, time can quickly slip away. Your baby is your number 1 priority, and you may not be able to put together an announcement hamper.

The good news is that these are tasks you can outsource. You don’t have to make everything your responsibility. You can work with Craft Connect Studio to get your hampers ready. There’s a wide range of hamper designs to choose from. These can be customised however you like. You can even add a personal card to the hamper.

If you’re sending a hamper just across the city, you could try an open basket arrangement. On the other hand, if you want to send a hamper to a different city, you may want to look at boxed hampers that are sturdier and travel-friendly. Irrespective of where you have to send your hampers, Craft Connect Studio will get them delivered on time. Browse through the collection and start creating your hamper today.

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