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How to Make a Personalised Gift Hamper for Any Occasion?


The concept of a gift hamper existed long ago. But it probably became more famous after the show Koffee with Karan had the host Karan Johar gifting it to his guests after the exciting rapid fire round. It has become a popular gifting option for many occasions. It’s beautiful, it’s all encompassing, it’s spacious and it looks big. It makes the recipient feel special!

Hampers, like any other gifts, feel even more special when you add a personalised touch to it. Worry not, it’s not the most difficult job in the world. Here are some tips you can follow on how to make a hamper for your loved one more personalised, and that too, for any occasion!

  1. Chose a theme

The first thing to do is to choose a theme for your hamper. It’ll give you a direction for your hamper, and make your work easier! There are endless hamper decoration ideas you can choose for an occasion.


The theme you choose is dependent on the recipient and the occasion you’re presenting it on. Ask the questions, who is the basket for, what is the basket for and half your work would be done! If you’re sending the hamper on Diwali, you could make the festival your theme. If it’s a date night hamper, you could make it a movie -themed hamper, complete with candies, popcorn and maybe cosy t-shirt with the banner of the movie you intend to watch! Similarly, if you want to send the hamper to your spouse and you had bonded over tea with them, then a tea-themed hamper is the way to go! Some biscuits, cute little cups, a kettle, all of this and more!

Other themes to choose from include –

  • Gardening themes
  • Spa theme
  • Coffee hamper
  • Chocolate lovers delight
  • Mom-to-be hamper
  • Football hamper
  1. Add an item that holds a special meaning

This step is essentially true when the hamper is given to somebody on a special occasion like a birthday, or to your partner on your anniversary. When you add an item with a special meaning, it showcases thoughtfulness and also lets the recipient know that you notice what they do! For example, in the tea hamper for your partner, if you people have always eaten Parle-G biscuits together, you can put in a couple of packets in the hamper. Another example is while making a movie hamper for date night, you can put in your partners favourite candy, or maybe make the whole hamper based on their favourite movie!

  1. Customise an item


The cherry on top for an already personalised gift hamper would be to add a customised gift hamper. It could be your ‘something quirky’ in the hamper. So, when they open up the hamper, they are bound to enjoy the thoughtfulness.

You might be wondering if customising would need a bigger budget. Not necessarily. For example, when you are preparing your tea hamper, you can explore the idea of including a piece of paper that is customised to look like a newspaper. This piece of paper could include a small story about how the two of you met and probably a list of things you like about your partner. The most expensive thing you would be spending here is your time. Surely, that you can spare for someone you love.

To conclude


These are just a few of the hamper packaging ideas you can use to make your gifts more attractive with a personal touch. It will make you come across as a thoughtful person and will eventually bring you and the recipient closer!


If you are having trouble making the hamper all by yourself, get in touch with us and we’ll help you make one as per your requirements!



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