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Best Ways to decorate an Engagement Ring Tray


Best Ways to Decorate an Engagement Ring Tray 

An engagement is a grand celebration and the beginning of something exciting. This ceremony is all about exchanging rings and embarking on a journey of a lifetime with someone special. However, as everybody gathers around and awaits the ceremony, all eyes are inadvertently turned towards the person carrying the rings to the stage and, you guessed it right, the engagement tray in their hands!

A ring ceremony is the first step a couple takes to formalise their marriage. So, having a beautifully decorated engagement ring tray can only add a layer of elegance and panache to the magical night. From fabric to natural flowers, to wooden trays, the ideas for decorating a ring tray are many. Read on for some decoration ideas for your big day!

1. Metal Cradle with Acrylic Name Cutouts

If you’re looking to ditch the traditional approach altogether, an exquisite cradle tray is what you’re looking for. Elegant and minimalistic, the cradle tray will display the rings in all their glory due to its transparency. Decorate the box with your favourite fabric flowers and give personalization with acrylic name cut outs engraved on the platter and your tray is all set to go!


2. Traditional DecorationCradle Acrylic Platter


Nothing screams Indian weddings like marigold flowers. If you want to opt for a traditional decor for your ring tray, decorate it beautifully with marigold flowers. Incorporate elements of peacock feathers, little bells, maybe even a small Radha-Krishna statue to complete the look. Decked in yellow, orange and gold colour scheme, this platter is sure to invoke a sense of heavenly blessing!

3. A Classic Silver Tray

There’s a difference between old and timeless, and a classic silver engagement ring plate surely falls in the latter category. There are various designs in the market you can choose from ranging from the size or the shape of the tray. Decorate it with flowers, leaves or some pearls if your heart desires. Add in the ring boxes and watch the tray shine in all its splendour!

4. Wreath 

If simple is not your style then an MDF tray with a multicolour floral bunch wreath on top will solve your worry. On tray you can have acrylic name cut outs of your choice and add a ring box. You can enhance the look by adding a Ganesha Idol in the middle along with some embellishments.


5. Vintage Wooden Platters

Wooden platters are in vogue. A small vintage wooden tray is decoration unto itself. You can also opt to get the trays engraved with the date of the wedding, or the names of the couple, or a quote and later hang them in the house. It’s a tray and a commemorative decorative item for the future.

6.  Garden Trays

No, it doesn’t mean that you actually have to actually grow a garden on the tray. Garden trays are essentially trays decorated with nature. If the couple has a green thumb, or one of them has a favourite flower, this could be a great idea! Add in some flowers, grass, decorative soil and artificial pebbles! Place the ring boxes over this entire arrangement, and voila!


7. Bird Cage Trays

A unique and totally quirky idea – bird cage trays! This type of tray, which is not exactly a tray, has been a trend for quite some time now. Place your ring boxes in the centre of the cage and decorate around it. You can add vines around the bars of the cage, or add a cute little wooden nameplate.

A ring ceremony tray decoration can uplift the vibe of the occasion. If you’re looking to use one of these ideas, or have something else in your mind, get in touch with us and we will help you make one that is absolutely gorgeous.

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