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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the most sacred traditions followed during pregnancy is the baby shower. Known as Godh Bharai in some Indian customs, this is a fun-filled event where the mom-to-be is showered with blessings and gifts from her loved ones.

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, it needs to be useful without being too extravagant. Here are some baby shower gift ideas to make your job a little easier.

  • DiapersThe number one item on the list has to be diapers! A diaper is an everyday essential (actually every hour) item in a new-born baby’s repertoire, and parents can never have enough of them! A few boxes of these diapers can also be a big help. Opt for a variety of sizes so that the growing baby can use them over time. You can also buy the parents a diaper subscription.


  • Bottle Warmer

    Feeding a baby can be a long, drawn out task where the little munchkin could just flat out refuse drink anything. For such occasions and many others, having a handy bottle warmer can work wonders. It will heat up the milk bottles with ease. This is also a great gift for parents who are looking forward to travelling with their baby, regularly.


  • RattlersA toy as old as time, but still one of the most effective and useful baby shower function gifts for a child! A rattler is a small toy which makes sounds while it is shaken. Rattlers can be a part of your hamper, as they will add the fun factor to it! The rattler is also adept at keeping the baby occupied when the new parents need a breather. Talk about two birds, one stone!


  • A Gratitude Journal A baby shower gift just for the mom! Being a new mother can sometimes feel overwhelming. She gains many new responsibilities and learns to navigate a new role in her life. A gratitude journal is the perfect gift for those days when she is drowning in responsibilities and needs something to be thankful for. This gift is most suited if you’re a friend, a sister or a brother of the expectant mother!


  • Diaper Bag
  • Yes, we’re back to diapers because, believe it or not, they’re actually one of the most important, expensive and cumbersome items for a parent! Carrying diapers around is a necessity for all new parents. Hence, a diaper bag is always an appreciated gift. While choosing a diaper bag, ensure that it is spacious, waterproof and has multiple compartments. If you want to jazz up your gift, add in a couple of diapers, baby wipes, lotion, talcum powder, etc. to create a diaper hamper!


  • Baby Photo Album

A baby photo album might not be the most expensive or practical gift idea for a baby shower, but it is the one with the most sentiment behind it. In this digital age, it is easy to click photos of your babies every five minutes. But these photos are easily forgotten, and often never see the light of day again. A baby photo album will help the parents document their child’s journey, and keep a tangible and physical record they can always look back on!


  • Stroller

This is a little indulgent for a baby shower, but it is an extremely useful and practical gift. A stroller will enable the mom to leave the house for some time every day, with her baby strapped in safely. If any parent is a health nut, they will appreciate this gift all the more as it will allow the parents to partake in their workout (running or walking) with their baby in tow!


If you need any more ideas on how to create the perfect gift hamper for a baby shower, get in touch with us. We have solutions that you will definitely love.

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